What Is Your Destination Wedding Style?

Pick Your Destination Wedding Style

Destination weddings can come in many different varieties. There is the classic beach wedding, but many couples want a destination wedding that doesn’t involve the beach or a tropical setting. Here are some ideas for wedding styles in unique locations:

Tropical Beach Weddings

When most people think of destination weddings, they imagine a couple on the beach. Numerous resorts and hotels offer these typical beach weddings with all sorts of styles or flare to them. This is often a nice vacation for guests who may want to take a week off in paradise anyway.

Disney Weddings

Disneyland or Disneyworld are wonderful locations to get married. Bring out that kid at heart and make magical memories for you and your guests. This is also a perfect idea if you or many of your guests have children. Even without kids, your guests will be thrilled to enjoy the excitement of the Disney parks.

Cruise Weddings

Bring your guests aboard a cruise liner for a beautiful wedding at sea. Many cruise lines offer affordable wedding packages and can make for cheaper accommodations then many resorts. If you prefer a luxury liner, keep in mind that the cost may be a lot for some guests.

Vineyard Weddings

Another popular wedding choice is having a wedding at a vineyard or in wine country. California is a prime location for these vineyward weddings, but any location with beautiful vines growing would make a great surrounding.

Desert Weddings

The desert holds a sort of mystery and elegance that can make for a unique wedding. Many resorts in the desert can accommodate all your guests and offer a beautiful wedding in a desert landscape.

Winter Mountain Weddings

With white being the theme of many weddings, what can be more perfect than fresh snow lining the ground while you say your marriage vows! Winter weddings are a perfect way to bring in the new year and since many people have off time between Christmas and the New Year, it is a great time for them to getaway.

Castle Weddings

If you want to feel like a princess for the day, what could be better than getting married in a real European castle. Fly your friends and family to Europe, to one of the many magnificant castles to a fantasy wedding. Many castles in Ireland, England, Scotland, France and Germany have opened their doors as hotels and also offer banquet facilities for your reception.

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