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Add The Sand Ceremony to Your Wedding Vows

Of all the weddings that I have helped to plan, beach weddings are absolutely my favorite type of wedding. There is just something so magical and romantic about marrying on the beach. The gentle breeze that softly blows your hair just adds to the romance. The sand beneath you feet makes you feel as if your are connected with this special place as you are connecting your two lives together in marriage.

Everyone that attends your wedding is so relaxed and less stressed than a traditional wedding. In fact, they celebrate and enjoy in a lively way because they are not confined or restrained at the normal type of wedding location. Besides having a day at the beach is an invigorating experience in itself, especially for a wedding ceremony celebration.

A beach Wedding even provides its own special music and rythhm of life. Even the sounds of the waves as they touch the shore add to your wedding day making their own sweet sounds while remaining constant – just like the love you have for each other. Getting married on the beach adds all the right ingredients.

The sunset is probably what I find to be the perfect backdrop for your wedding. The colors that range in the sunset from warm reds to deep purples cast a glow on the two of you. Look at any photograph of a couple at their sunset beach wedding and you will see what I mean. It illuminates your love and captures the magical moments of your becoming husband and wife.

There is no other place that has all that you need to marry. Your beach wedding has it all. Everything is already there – the sights, sounds, and beautiful ocean that seems to make anything possible for the two of you.

By the way, besides the Sand Ceremony, I know some great ways to add to the celebration to make it unique experience and  two even include your wedding guests.

I will be happy to help you with your beach wedding!

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