Wedding Ceremonies

101 Ways To Sat I Do.

There are numerous ways to have a wedding ceremony. It really all depends on you. Some couples will want an intimate wedding ceremony for only themselves and an officiant or minister. You may want a huge traditional wedding ceremony at your local church where 400 guests are in attendance. The great part about marrying today is that you can incorporate so much of yourselves into the wedding ceremony. You could both dance down the aisle like the famous YOuTube Video. Better yet, you could arrive in a horse drawn carriage for your wedding ceremony.  Maybe you opt for a beach wedding ceremony where everyone takes there shoes off and you are a bareffoot bride.

There are traditional ways of having a ceremony and cultural traditions that you add to the main ceremony like the lasso and coins. Some brides will be given away by their Dad and some by their Mom and then sometimes both your Mom and Dad will walk you down the aisle. Maybe you will have your groom meet you half way and walk you up to the alter.

The point is that there are numerous ways to have your own wedding ceremony. Well over 101 ways for certain.


Do you want to:

1) Say your own vows? Add special readings? We happily incorporate changes.

2) Use a civil ceremony? Just let us know. Ours is beautifully written.

3) Include your children in the ceremony? We often have couples who give the
children a necklace or bracelet – or say something just to them – to let them know
how important they are to the marriage. Tell us what you want to do or ask us for
ideas. We’ll help make it happen.

4) Add sand ceremonies, broom jumpings, or other symbolic gestures to your ceremony?
We will gladly incorporate what you want, with your help, of course!

5) Come by yourselves to get married? Our FAVORITES!!! We go the extra mile to
make you feel comfortable. We will take additional pictures for you with your
camera. We are the only witness you need in this state.

6) Have us come to you so you can be married on the beach, port if going on a cruise
cruise, or where ever you are staying in the Tampa Bar Area. We consider this part of
the cost and do not charge extra. Of course, you have to make sure we CAN marry you

where you are staying. Read our information packet carefully.

7) Have members of your group take photos and/or record the ceremony? Fine with
us. The more pictures, the better. And you can borrow our tripod for your video
camera. Just let us know you will need it.

8) Bring your own minister? Of course you can! Our cost does not change. We will
take additional photos in addition to the photo package you are already getting,
and help out like we always do.

At Adventures In Paradise Weddings, we are thorough, flexible, and joyful officiants, offering you nearly
two decades of experience and a personal touch. We’re here – waiting for you.

To Reserve your Special Day call toll free: 813 690-4448

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